Good News! STOMA Dressing Packs Feedback

Customer Feedback is always appreciated!

Today we received a lovely call from Julie, a customer of ours and the mother of Martin, an 8 year old stoma patient. Her son has been using the Aquaflush ACE Stoppers for a while, and has recently started using the Aquaflush Stoma Dressing Packs (available through the Stoma Appliance Scheme!). She sent us some lovely feedback and photos!

These dressings are good and much better than the ace dressings we used to order! – Julie

Stoma patient

Martin opening up his voucher and surprise LEGO set!

In every dressing pack, we include a special code. After collecting 3 codes, we will send you a voucher for $30 for wherever you’d like! Julie has been using our voucher system to encourage her son to use his stopper and a clean dressing every day!

Thanks for your feedback, Julie! We really appreciate hearing from our customers, so please feel free to send us your feedback to or give us a call on 07 3166 9769 🙂

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