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New Medical News and Special Offer

We have just tested one of our Nellcor Oximax sensors with our Fluke Spot Light tester, we were using the Lightman Pro in the past. The new clip sensor is articulated and will fit a broader range of patients, the hinge is silicon and features not one, but three springs on each side. The results show spot on accuracy from 70 -100%. We intend to test each sensor and provide a test report that you can supply to your end users or keep on file.

Please see the attached Test Report for Nellcor Oximax!

Test Report for Nellcor Oximax








Latest special offer!

If you purchase a mixture of products (SPO2, ECG etc) between now and the year’s end, we will deduct a further 10% from the total eg : purchase 5 Nellcor SPO2 probes and 5 GE Marquette patient lead sets and we will deduct 10% from the total. Mix and match!


Our catalogue is constantly being updated, several customers have purchased our new TOCO repair kits and parts and the feedback has been positive.

We have just changed our supplier for GE Marquette 3 and 5 lead sets to a sturdier type. These are mostly used in operating theatres and along with Emergency are probably the hardest worked accessories in the hospital!


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