September 2020

Quail Digital Communication Headsets are proving to be useful outside of the Cath. Lab!

“The clarity of the Quail Pro11 is amazing. It has revolutionised our operating theatre communications during the Covid-19 pandemic!”
Dr Keat Lee, Head of Clinical Operations, Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Management, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia


Doctor wearing Communication Headset Doctor with PPE and Quail Headset

Several Melbourne hospitals have recently trialled and purchased Quail Digital Pro 11 Headset Systems for use in Operating Theatres, Intensive Care and the Emergency Department.

Feel free to get in touch to see the benefits of using Quail Pro 11 to increase communication, reduce staff stress and noise in your department.

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Customer Testimonial

“During the initial months of the Covid-19 global pandemic, our department needed a communications system that not only enabled clear communications but was also easy cleaned and portable.  We saw the Quail Pro 11 headsets in use in our Cardiology Cath Labs which gave us the confidence that the system was going to achieve what we needed it to in the Interventional Radiology department.

The Quail Pro11 system enables clear and safe communication between the designated ‘clean’ and ‘contaminated’ staff during operations on patients who are either confirmed or suspect Covid-19 positive.  The system was easy to set up and place.

In addition to solving the immediate communications barrier we encountered with the treatment of patients due to the covid-19 pandemic, the Quail system has enhanced communication in our operating rooms and has also enabled us to continue treating patients with the latest in innovative technologies.

Before the Covid-19 global pandemic, our department often hosted international teams with new devices, and trials.  Now, with intense travel restrictions into New Zealand, we have begun to utilise streaming capabilities to enable our patients to still have access to the latest in advanced technologies.  The Quail Pro11 has been seamlessly integrated into our broadcasting system and we are able to communicate with not only our own staff onsite, but also with company representatives across the globe.”

Associate Professor Andrew Holden, Director of Northern Region Interventional Radiology Service, Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand

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