NEW Cables and Sensors for Philips Pagewriter and GE!

NOW IN STOCK: PHILIPS PAGEWRITER TC and GE compatible ECG cables and Patient Monitoring Accessories

NEW MEDICAL are pleased to announce some additions to our Philips and GE compatible patient monitoring accessories:

At New Medical, we are always looking out for new monitors and updates so we can have accurate and up-to-date sensors and cables.

1. GE 6 Lead ECG Patient Sets and Trunk Cables

2. Philips NEW STYLE 3 and 5 Lead ECG Patient Sets and Trunk Cables

G311PH – 3 lead

G511PH – 5 lead 

3. Philips TC30, 50, 70 Pagewriter Data Cables and Patient Sets

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our Patient Monitoring Accessories!


Phone: (07) 3166 9769

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