NEW! CritiCool MINI

NM Criticool Mini Brochure – newCOMPACT design, COMPLETE treatment

The CritiCool MINI system is now available anywhere in Australia!CritiCool Mini Front Screen

Battery Operated Thermoregulation Device

Battery Operated

Fits Ground & Aerial Transportation

Suits ambulance - fits ground and aerial transportation

Unique Core Temperature Splitter

Advanced and Intuitive User Interface

Touch screen interface

The CritiCool MINI system thermo-regulates and monitors patient temperature in an effective and precise manner. It is the optimal solution for early initiation of TTM.

The desired temperature is preset by the physician with a wide range of target temperatures available – from Hypothermia to Normothermia.

Due to its compact size, CritiCool MINI is ideal for use in transportation and in various hospital environments. Its unique built-in battery allows for transportable, continuous treatment.


  • Built-in temperature splitter, which allows for 2 separate temperature monitoring
  • Friendly graphic user interface
  • Simple to use, wrap and operate
  • Easy-to-use consumables

Check out the brochure below for more information, or email us on if you have any queries or would like to place an order!

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