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The ivWatch Model 400 is a continuous I.V. monitoring device which alerts caregivers to an early infiltration/extravasation of the patient’s According to clinical studies, the ivWatch device detected an infiltration/extravasation before a caregiver...

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Quail Digital PRO 11 Healthcare Headset System available from NEW MEDICAL servicing Australia and New Zealand.

Quail PRO11 Headset System


Wireless headsets help clinicians talk hands-free as a team in the operating theatre, cath labs and medical imaging room. Up to 30 headsets can be connected in to the base station, with a recommended 6 users on hands-free.

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CritiCool Mini Front Screen

NEW! CritiCool MINI

NM Criticool Mini Brochure – newCOMPACT design, COMPLETE treatment The CritiCool MINI system is now available anywhere in Australia! Battery Operated Thermoregulation Device Fits Ground & Aerial Transportation Unique Core Temperature Splitter Advanced and...

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Criticool Patient Cooling Warming Machine

Criticool Patient Cooling and Warming Machine

Introducing Criticool® – The Next Generation Yet Proven! for Patient Cooling Therapeutic Hypothermia

The Non-Invasive Approach to Cooling Therapy. With Criticool, cooling is your therapy of choice. Set the controller to the desired temperature, apply the CureWrap garment and commence treatment. Simply SET, WRAP & COOL!

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