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Aquaflush Adjustable ACE Stoma Stopper and Dressing distributed by New Medical, Brisbane, Australia

Aquaflush Adjustable ACE Stoma Stopper & Dressing

We’re excited to launch our new patented ACE stoma stopper and dressings. Designed to seal and maintain stoma sites in various locations on the body our stopper has some great new features:

  • Aquaflash Adjustable ACE Stopper & Dressing distributed by New Medical, AustraliaAdjustable length, so each stopper can be cut to fit each patient ensuring the perfect fit every time;
  • Very low-profile cap that sits flat against the body to ensure a good seal and remains virtually invisible under clothes;
  • Easy to remove with a peel-up tab feature;
  • 5 Gauge Sizes available 8fr, 10fr, 12fr, 14fr, 16fr;
  • Easy to manage – only 5 products to stock giving up to 50 size/length variations;
  • Implant grade silicone;
  • Patented design;
  • Easy to see in a swimming pool, bedroom, etc., if lost.

Aquaflash ACE Stopper - adjustable - use a pair of scissors to cut to required length

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. The ACE stoma stopper closes up in between each washout?

A. This can be a serious problem and we suggest you contact the hospital if this happens. They may recommend the use of a ACE Stoma stopper in between washouts. This decision MUST be made by a qualified specialist healthcare professional that knows about management of ACE.

** Stomal stenosis is the commonest complication of the antegrade colonic enema (ACE) procedure, reportedly occurring in 25-55% of patients. As such, a simple ACE stopper device (a small silicone plug sited in the ACE conduit between catheterisations) was designed to prevent stenosis. <J Pediatr Surg. 2007 Mar;42(3):522-4. Early experience with the antegrade colonic enema stopper to reduce stomal stenosis.>


The life of these devices is 30 days intermittent use. The grade of silicone materials is only licenced for this duration. Ace stoppers should not be used on any patient with a history of allergy to silicone. If there is any irritation to the skin a small amount of petroleum jelly or a keyhole dressing can be used a temporary barrier. If the irritation persists, contact your stoma nurse.

ACE Stopper

ACE Stoma Stoppers
ACE8/100 – 8fr, 100mm
ACE10/100 – 10fr, 100mm
ACE12/100 – 12fr, 100mm
ACE14/100 – 14fr, 100mm
ACE16/100 – 16fr, 100mm

ACE Stopper Dressing

ACE Stoma Stopper Dressing
AFD – 30 ( Box of 30 – 5cm)
AFD6 – 30 ( Box of 30 – 6cm)


Please refer to the downloadable PDF Brochures:

Aquaflush Adjustable ACE Stoma Stopper & Dressing

Download PDF - Aquaflush Adjustable ACE Stopper and Dressing"

Download PDF Brochure – Aquaflush Ace Stopper

For more information and pricing on the Aquaflush Adjustable Stoma Stopper and Dressing
please call us on 07 3166 9769 or 0410 537 746.

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