Environmental Policy

New Medical Environmental Policy


New Medical is committed to the environment and every effort is made to reduce our environmental impact.

We recycle cardboard using a machine for ‘concertina packaging’, and shred paper waste for composting, minimizing our environmental footprint.. We have installed an 8.5 k/W Solar PV system with an LG 10.2 Kw battery backup on the roof of our office which supplies all of our energy needs.

We seek to reduce our transport burden by utilising energy efficient vehicles one of these being a new fully electric Renault Zoe, the first of this model in Qld. We purchased the car in June 2018 and it has proven to be a great change! We have installed extra reflective coatings on our office windows, we limit the use of our air conditioning system and continue to utilise energy efficient computers.


Electric Renault Zoe and Cardboard ConverterAt New Medical we prioritise eco-friendly, locally sourced office supplies for sustainable healthcare practices, promoting responsible consumption and environmental stewardship. Our manufacturer’s eco-conscious approach uses recycled cardboard boxes sealed with paper-based tape, inspiring us to adopt sustainable packaging practices. We are using a paper based packing tape with natural glue that is biodegradable and features plant based inks and have persuaded our manufacturers to limit or stop using plastic in their shipments to us.

Furthermore, we previously received spare parts individually packed in thick plastic packets, with the overall cardboard box wrapped in PVC clingfilm. We have forced change resulting in the outer boxes not being wrapped in plastic and the spare parts being wrapped not as individuals but as totals, drastically cutting down the amount of plastic used. We then transfer to the recycled Jiffy bags or cardboard boxes to then send to our customers.

New Medical have also been using a recycled concertina roll packing product by Geami for several years, wrapping products in it and using an elastic band to secure before sending to our customers. We source boxes made in Australia from the Box Factory here in Brisbane, they are also a family owned business. Less plastic, more recycling, quality products and savings for both public and private hospitals. New Medical will always seek suppliers and manufacturers with the best environmental practices.


.Recycled Carboard Concertina Rolled Packaging used at New Medical

Updated 18th October 2022.

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