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The ivWatch Model 400 is a continuous IV monitoring device which alerts caregivers to an early infiltration/extravasation of the patient’s According to clinical studies, the ivWatch device detected an infiltration/extravasation before a caregiver...

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CritiCool Mini Front Screen

NEW! CritiCool MINI

NM Criticool Mini Brochure – newCOMPACT design, COMPLETE treatment The CritiCool MINI system is now available anywhere in Australia! Battery Operated Thermoregulation Device Fits Ground & Aerial Transportation Unique Core Temperature Splitter Advanced and...

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Quail Digital Headset

Quail Digital Headset – Healthcare System Australia NZ


Wireless headsets help clinicians talk hands-free as a team in the operating theatre, cath labs and medical imaging room. Up to 30 headsets can be connected in to the base station, with a recommended 6 users on hands-free.

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Criticool Patient Cooling Warming Machine

Criticool Patient Cooling and Warming Machine

Introducing Criticool® – The Next Generation Yet Proven! for Patient Cooling Therapeutic Hypothermia

The Non-Invasive Approach to Cooling Therapy. With Criticool, cooling is your therapy of choice. Set the controller to the desired temperature, apply the CureWrap garment and commence treatment. Simply SET, WRAP & COOL!

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Hospital Bassinet Crib

Koala Neonatal Hospital Crib/Bassinet and Bath

New Medical are pleased to launch our Australian Made, Koala Neonatal Hospital Crib/Bassinet and Bath. The Koala is height adjustable with a clear acrylic bassinet that features a flat plug and waste with a concertina tube to empty and unscrews for easy cleaning.

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Cosytherm Neonatal Warming System

Cosytherm Neonatal Warming System

Cosytherm allows neonates who are struggling to regulate their own temperature to be warmed in an open cot. Cosytherm warms more reliably than water based neonatal systems. Why place a neonate in a closed ‘invasive’ incubator if all you need to do is regulate and maintain their temperature.

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Inditherm Reuseable Patient & Neonatal Warming System

Inditherm Reusable Patient Warming System

Several Queensland hospitals are finding Inditherm’s reusable patient warming system either works well on it’s own in many patients and also when combined with forced air warmers in very difficult to keep warm, surgical patients.

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