Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy


New Medical is committed to the environment and every effort is made to reduce our environmental impact.

We reuse or recycle all cardboard products and our paper wastage is shredded for composting. We have installed a 5.5 k/W Solar PV system on the roof of our office which supplies all of our energy needs. We seek to reduce our transport burden by utilising energy efficient vehicles and we try to teleconference rather than fly interstate where possible. We have installed extra reflective coatings on our office windows, we limit the use of our air conditioning system and continue to utilise energy efficient laptop computers connected to remote screens rather than use energy hungry desktop computers.

New Medical use sustainably produced or recycled products here in the office and prefer to purchase these items from a local office supply business.

We have been inspired by one of our manufacturers, who for many years have not only used recycled cardboard boxes but these are sealed with paper based packing tape. We have recently introduced a new packing tape that is paper based and fully recyclable as well as having introduced fully biodegradable bubble wrap. New Medical will always seek suppliers and manufacturers with the best environmental practices.